Dog Park Playgroup

Over the years we have found that most dogs greatly benefit from off-leash play time. Dogs were born to lead active, social lives. Whether it’s a vigorous game of fetch, a playful wrestling match or just a romp with friends, our Dog Park Playgroup provides the exercise and socialization that many dogs deeply crave. Best of all, behavior problems tend to melt away with regular enrollment  in our program. Our Dog Park Playgroup is perfect for puppies, city dogs, sporting breeds, and chronic slipper chewers, to name a few.

Our park outings are crafted and overseen by our experienced handlers, who understand the ins and outs of pack dynamics. The Dog Park Playgroup includes pick up and drop off and hand toweling of muddy paws and undercarriages.

Playgroups start at $25/hour session per dog. (Discount rates available for two dogs in the same household). The look of pure joy and exhaustion on your dog’s face when you come home? Priceless.

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I send Homer to the playgroup on Fridays, which gives him a chance to run around with other dogs in a supervised environment.  This was a great plus for me, since I’m a first-time dog owner, and I have heard lots of negative stories about taking dogs to the dog park.  I don’t worry that my dog will get into a fight when he’s with Dylan and the playgroup, and I have noticed a dramatic difference in Homer’s socialization with other dogs since he started attending playgroup.  He is a rescue and was unfamiliar with other breeds of dogs, but now he is friendly and curious with papillons and poodles alike.
–Caitlin M., Albany NY

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