Dog Walks


Long gone are the days of saying no to plans or stressing that Sadie is alone all day while you’re busy at work.       Chewed slippers, soiled carpets and incessant barking will become a distant memory.

Coming home to a tired and happy pooch at the end of your day is just one of the reasons to hire a dog walker. Consider enrolling your dog in our regular program an essential component of their health and wellness routine.

From a short potty break for our older friends to a walk through the neighborhood or a vigorous game of fetch, our services are personalized to you and your dog’s needs.

Express Visit $15

A short potty break for our senior citizens and special needs dogs.

Classic Walk $20

Our most popular service, this is the walk that started it all. While it’s our basic service, our care is anything but basic. Included is a full half hour of outside time, refreshing food and water, belly rubs, treats, and the professional and personalized attention that we pride ourselves on.

Deluxe Visit $35

Do you have a high octane pooch who has boundless energy to burn? Does your pup need help practicing basic manners? Do you have a long day planned and are worried that Rover isn’t getting all the love and attention he deserves? The deluxe walk includes half an hour of outside time plus 30 additonal minutes of extra care included but not limited to a game of fetch or frisbee, obedience training, cleaning and replacing potty pads, stuffing a kong, and extra cuddles. The deluxe walk is great for puppies, high energy dogs, sporting breeds and pooches that require a little extra time and attention.

Package rates

Does your dog need more than one walk a day? Plan to use us every day? We love our pack and value our regular clients. Ask about our discounted rates for frequent service.