“Our dog Deefer just spent an excellent week at Hounds on the Hudson while we were out of the country on vacation. We live in Brooklyn but drove him to Albany (where some of our family lives) specifically so he could board here. What a delight for him (and us). He had the best time staying there for a week, running around exploring and getting such good socialization time. Jen and the team kept us updated with daily texts, pics and videos. Definitely worth the trip for us knowing he’s being so well taken care off, and isn’t stuck in one room for a week with one walk a day. Definitely our go-to spot for long term daycare.” -Amy C., Brooklyn NY 

“Amazing organization with such professional service. My 4 yr. old beagle, Gatsby, has been receiving daily walks from HotH for over a year now, and in that time I have seen such wonderful improvement in his overall behavior and socialization skills. Our walker is phenomenal, and it is a blessing to know that Gatsby is so well taken care of while I am managing my busy law school schedule. Thank you, HotH – you have a customer for life!” -Michelle Miltner, Albany NY

“Jen and her staff are amazing. They are so incredibly flexible and readily available. I am so happy our dog has such a loving group of people to take care of him when we can’t!” -Kate Parks, Albany NY

“My shepherd, Max, spent 4 nights and 5 days boarded at the farm while I was on vacation. He came home thoroughly exhausted and very content. I have utilized Hounds for walks, play groups, training and boarding. I am so thoroughly impressed with the care my dog receives and how much I have learned about being a single pup parent. Hounds is second to none and I highly recommend their services!” -Ann Becker, Albany NY

“Hounds on the Hudson took excellent care of our two dogs and senior kitty while we were on vacation this summer. One of our dogs has separation anxiety. He did very well with the walks & attention given. We would definitely use their services again and find relief in knowing they are there when we need them.” -Carissa Haberland, Albany NY

“I am not quite sure how Buddy and I survived before Hounds on the Hudson! They are simply the best crew around! They have shown so much patience with my anxious dog! With constant feedback and ideas, they have been instrumental in getting Buddy to be more confident and happy. The park playgroups are wonderful, the training is fantastic, the walkers are trustworthy, caring and awesome, and the owners are just amazing….I highly recommend this business!” -Greta Noble., Albany NY

“Hounds on the Hudson is awesome. We just moved to Albany and needed to find a boarding option asap for our 1 year old cockapoodle as we were going out of state to a wedding. Jen and Cassie were so responsive to our emails and our dog went for a trial board last week. I dropped him off at Hounds on the Hudson at 11am and felt perfectly fine leaving him with Cassie. She also texted me a few times during the day to let me know that Deefer was doing well. He boarded again a few days later when we went to NJ and skipped in the door to Hounds on the Hudson when I dropped him off. Jen and Cassie are so nice and super communicative (which is good as I’m apparently more of a helicopter mom than I would have admitted before). Love this place :)” –Amy C., Albany NY 

“Where to begin?? Jen and crew are fantastic! From scheduled dog walks to last minute dog walks, from a weekend stay at the Bed and Biscuit to 2.5 weeks at the Sharon Springs Farm while we went away, our pups have been taken care of and treated like part of the family. Jen was fantastic and sent us regular updates and pics throughout Missy and Gradey’s stay. Our dogs are a bonded senior rescue pair and given that we’ve only had them for almost a year, we were definitely nervous! Jen put us at ease and even gave us a tour of the farm! Gradey and Missy had a chance to go for a swim in the pond and had a great time. They got lots of snuggles and attention and between having a chance to play with the other dogs and the kids (Gradey loves kids!) they were in heaven! We had one situation where Gradey had a relapse and had a hot spot (he’s got severe allergies) and Jen notified us right away and in addition to treating him with the topical we had sent along prior, she also went out of her way to pick up antibiotics from the vet’s office and even offered to pick up a refill of his allergy meds the day she was dropping them off!! It has truly been a wonderful experience for them and us and will always be our go to place for everything from boarding to walks to anything else! Highly recommended!”–Dee Levy, Delmar NY

“Hounds on the Hudson has been a godsend since we got our little guy Arthur. We got him on a Sunday and they were there on Monday for a meet and great. Its a love affair that has been going strong for almost 2 years. Arthur really loves the puppy play groups with Dylan and always come back exhausted. HOH is very flexible and they are often able to get Arthur into a group or walk with little notice. The professionalism and care they take to make sure Arthur is safe and happy is greatly appreciated. There is no other place in Albany that I would trust to take care of my dog other then Hounds on the Hudson!” – Charlie Richter, Albany NY 

I have to say that I am very happy that I chose Hounds on the Hudson for Helix instead of other services or driving home for lunch to let him out. He is so much more calm and happy now that he sees at least one of his Hounds on the Hudson friends every day. I can’t wait to see how he responds to training–I’m so glad that HOTH offers that service. I love your business model which can be summed up as “be awesome”. Thank you again.” – Casey Weig, Albany NY

“I love HotH.  I live and work in downtown Albany, and some nights I work late.  When I finally decided the time was right for a dog, I looked hard for a dog walker, and HotH had nothing but good reviews.  After almost a year of at least weekly service, I can heartily recommend HotH.

HotH takes care of Homer for me on days when I’m working late.  My walker, Dennis, is thoughtful and Homer seems relaxed on days he has a walk.  Dennis leaves notes letting me know how things went that day.  I also send Homer to the playgroup on Fridays, which gives him a chance to run around with other dogs in a supervised environment.  This was a great plus for me, since I’m a first-time dog owner, and I have heard lots of negative stories about taking dogs to the dog park.  I don’t worry that my dog will get into a fight when he’s with Dylan and the playgroup, and I have noticed a dramatic difference in Homer’s socialization with other dogs since he started attending playgroup.  He is a rescue and was unfamiliar with other breeds of dogs, but now he is friendly and curious with papillons and poodles alike.

Add to all of that excellent customer service and a reasonable fee.  Mike met with me and Homer in my home to learn about our needs, and Jen answers many email messages personally.  I cannot recommend HotH enough.” – Caitlin Monjeau, Albany NY

“After moving to Albany’s center square neighborhood I eventually noticed a friendly gentleman walking all of the dogs on my block at lunch time everyday. Come to find out, this was HotH’s neighborhood rep! I use HotH for at home dog sitting when my gf and I leave town for a weekend, or if I am going away on a business trip.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this establishment! Extremely professional, friendly, and they understand that special bond dog owners have with their pets. Much easier than taking my dog to a kennel, I have peace of mind when traveling knowing my best friend is comfortable at home and in great care. I even prefer HotH over asking friends or family for the favor!! Amazing business here, a real gem.

I am moving out of state and I know Hounds on the Hudson will be sorely missed. Do yourself a favor and give them your business!!” – Jon S, Albany NY

“They are fantastic! When they take my gsp to playgroup she comes back tired.. its miracle! I always feel better knowing they are taking my dog out. The photos on google + is my favorite part! HOH rocks!” – Erika Nusser, Albany NY

“Our dog is not always the most friendly and can be a bit destructive. We used Hounds on the Hudson this weekend for the first time and we came home to an intact house and a happy dog. They left a very insightful note telling us about their time together. Juliet did an awesome job. We will definitely use them again.” Gail H, Albany NY 

“Over the past year, Jen, Mike and their amazing and talented staff have taken such incredible care of my dog, George.  As a very protective and cautious pup mom, I was instantly comfortable with the superior level of care that HotH provides.  Each day when I get home from work, George is content and happy and the daily notes from his dog walker of the day warm my heart.  It is so apparent that everyone at HotH truly loves animals and they are some of the warmest and kindest people I have ever met.  If it weren’t for me moving out of the area, I would maintain their services forever!  I will continue to go above and beyond to recommend their services to all of my Capital District friends and will miss them very much.”-Erin McDonald, Slingerlands NY

“Lou is a love and I have to say that I think he is an even more amazing dog after his visit with Dylan.  I don’t know what he did, but Lou is such a better boy on walks…he greets people nicely…doesn’t get all nervous or jumpy and no more submissive peeing!  We think it is a miracle…maybe it was just that after Dylan took him to Paws for Pucks I felt a new sense of confidence, but I keep telling anyone that has a little issue with their dog to call for walks with Dylan!  I think he has some special powers!”-Mindy Derosia, Albany NY

The most amazing experience I have ever had working with people, outside of family and friends, caring for my dog. My 7 year-old Maltese, Frederick spent this last year being walked twice a week by several of the staff at HOTH. I receieved gracious notes, he had the opportunity to meet other dogs in the neighborhood, and I was always treated in a caring, professional, and thoughtful manner. Fred also made two stays at the Bed and Biscuit, being cared for round the clock by HOTH staff. I have NEVER boarded my dog, so leaving him with someone outside of family and close friends was a choice I made very carefully. The cost for walks and overnight stays was reasonable and something I could afford living on the very small budget of a graduate student. I always felt wonderful knowing Fred was getting some love and attention during my long days at work. I can’t recommend their services enough to coworkers and friends with animals. One of the only reasons I am sad to be leaving the Albany area for a new job in St. Kitts, is not getting to work with Hounds on the Hudson! – Heather Labouy, Albany NY.

Hounds are just fabulous! They are reliable, friendly and our Colby just loves them. They always accomodate any last minute requests and you can’t beat their pick up and drop off policy when boarding. They make everything so easy. We’re lucky to have people we really trust with our pooch! – Jaclyn Napoleon, Albany NY.

Best Dog-walking and sitting service ever. Extremely realiable…..
Our pets are part of our family- so it is wonderful having ease-of-mind when we are away .
Hounds on the Hudson are dog-lovers which pretty much sums it up!
(Us parents can always tell…) – Cathy Manjunath, Glenmont NY.

Great people offering an invaluable service – honest, reliable, compassionate pet sitting and walking. I believe our dog actually misses these folks after his weeks stay while we were on vacation. – Bert Pagano, Albany NY.

Jen and Mike are the best. They’ve been walking my Newf since I got him. They’ve been very flexible with my schedule, 100% reliable, and Murphy loves his walks! So glad I found them! – Tom Collins, Albany NY.

I was one of the first clients for Hounds on the Hudson. My dogs adore them. They are kind and extremely responsible. They have walked my dogs daily for 3 years and never once failed to show up. They were always able to accommodate any last minute cancellations or additions on my part. They have boarded my dogs as well. I trust them and so do my dogs. I recommend them unconditionally. – Jennifer Quinn, Albany NY.

Best pet service in the capital district! We had Hounds on the Hudson pet sit for us when we went out of town. I must say it was the best expierence we have ever had going out of town without our dog. Jen and her husband Mike are very trustworthy, honest, hard working individuals. Would recommend to ANYONE! – Casey Smith, Albany NY.

Jen and Mike, the husband and wife team behind this awesome dog walking service, came highly recommended by friends of ours that have an awesome dog that they love as much as we love ours – so we knew that our Sputnik would be in good hands. Jen did a pretty thorough interview with us during our prelim meeting, to find out Sputnik’s habits and quirks. Mike is Sputnik’s regular walker, and we look forward to reading the notes he leaves us after each walk on what they did together. I recommend Hounds on the Hudson strongly – its clear they love dogs and I totally trust them with my “baby”. – Kerry Twomey, Albany NY.

I have been using Hounds on the Hudson for my two dogs for over a year. I am about as over protective of my dogs as one can be. The first few times that HOTH came, I asked to be texted that they walked my dogs. Mike texted me, although I’m sure he may have thought I was a little crazy. I knew right away that I didn’t need to worry, my dogs were well taken care of by Jen and Mike. They are extremely dependable and reliable. I can call or email a request just a few days before I need their services and I get a prompt response. When we get home, I can tell my dogs have had a nice walk and visit from HOTH because Gracie and Muggs don’t burst out of the house needing an immediate walk and attention. My dogs are happy with Hounds on the Hudson and we couldn’t be more thankful for their services!! – Cynthia Kaiser, Delmar NY.

“We had Jen and Mike stop by our apartment to let our little pup out this past Saturday since my husband and I were at a wedding. Jen and Mike were great! They left us notes of how their walks with our dog, Chai, went and it left my husband have some peace of mind knowing that Chai was taken care of while we were away. Since this was my husband’s first time away from the dog, he was soo worried throughout the night. (Imagine a mother leaving their baby at home for the first time…that was my husband). Jen sent a text to let us know that Chai was ok and that was enough to have my husband let loose the rest of the night. Thanks again Jen and Mike!” – Kim B.

“I have a busy and unpredictable schedule and I often call upon Jen and Mike to watch my dog Seven at the last minute. They have been always there for me in my time of need! Great reliable and professional service. Thank you guys!” – Ryan Giantasio, Troy NY.

“Jen and her husband really helped me out in a pinch.
K and I were on vacation in NC and had sent Lilly to stay with buddies at M and A’s house. and while it sounded like a good idea in theory, in actuality it wasn’t so great. Lil is still too young to be around 3 other dogs and several cats unsupervised. She reveled in chaos. So, in order to save my life-long friendship (ok. i am being a Bit dramatic. but at least she isn’t pissed at me now. ) I went to And i called jen. She was so very accommodating. She met Adam at my house the next morning, and she proceeded to come mid-day, morning to let Lilly out of bed and take her for a walk and at night for yet another walkies and bed-time. and this was only $12 a walk.
She also fed my kitties and turtles while she was here.
Yay! and now she is going to keep walking lilly and i know that if i need to go somewhere , we have an excellent sitter for our puppers.” – Ticia Garrett, Albany NY.

My dog Brodie has been a satisfied Hounds on the Hudson customer for almost 2 years now. Mike and Jen are both exceedingly friendly and professional. It also makes you feel very comfortable knowing your dog is in the hands of people who so genuinely love animals. I cannot recommend them enough and feel bad for all those dogs out in the ‘burbs who don’t get a chance to be spoiled with lovely midday strolls through the park like our urban pooches. – Carolyn Miller, Albany NY.

My dog Cal loves Hounds on the Hudson. He has lots of energy and various personality quirks – Jen and Mike are the best!! – Nancy Todor, Albany NY.

We have been employing the services of Hounds on the Hudson for nearly 3 years now and we couldn’t be happier! Jen and Mike run an unbelievably professional company — they are consistent, reliable and they love our puppy, Joba (and he can be a handful!) Every dogwalker that has ever walked Joba is great! Currently, Dylan is our dogwalker and we trust him implicitly – and Joba LOVES him…I can’t say enough good things about them. We truly feel blessed to have found them as it’s such peace of mind to know our “baby” is well taken care of. – Chrissy Dickinson, Albany NY.

We left our little guy Chewie alone for the first time for a weekend and had Kelly come by and walk him. She not only walked him in the rain all weekend, she took the time to play fetch with him (which is not an easy task) and she cuddled with him. He just loved the attention. She left us notes to let us know how he did and all the fun things they did which helped this mom feel better about leaving him alone. We were so happy that we didn’t have to worry about him. We are definitely going to use them in the future! – Sarah Woodridge, Rensselaer, NY.

Jen and Mike have been walking my dog Tasha on a daily basis for almost one year now. Tasha was a rescue and was very shy initially. But she quickly took to Jen and Mike. Her new walker at Hounds is Ryan and Tasha loves him too. It is clear that everyone working there loves dogs not to mention they are very dependable. Even during the horrible weather we had this past winter; Tasha always got her mid-day walk. – Caralie Cole, Albany NY.

Thank you so much for the great care Abednego got while we were gone last week. Dennis is so thorough and thoughtful. We could not speak more highly about the care she got. Thanks so much! and please thank Dennis for us too! – Frances Wattman Rosenau, Albany NY 

Left our 2.5 yr old dog, Indy, alone overnight for the first time this weekend & used Hounds for his afternoon, evening, & morning walks. Indy loved his walker, Juliet, & we came home to a happy, relaxed, & sleepy boy! It is a relief knowing that the walkers are so great that we can trust them to care for Indy if I’m in a pinch & can’t find family to stay with him! – Tracy Cavanagh, Delmar NY

HOTH lets me go to work and not worry one bit about my dog. Working 12 hour shifts is hard on your pet but believe me they make sure she is exercised and loved while I am gone. I also highly recommend their boarding service at the Bed and Biscuit! Awesome folks work here! – Cindy Seay, Albany NY